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A More Affordable Future in Passenger Transportation

EU-Funded Research for multi-modality

The EU Commission has published results of the deep research into the various aspects of multimodal travel: integrated multi-modal tickets and payment acceptance across the entire EU, as well as the legal aspects relating to observing passenger rights while traveling across various modes of transport on a single ticket. This study has been requested as part of the 2018 European Year of Multimodality. Multimodal travel on a single ticket has remained a niche market so far: 67 million multimodal trips a year were made within the EU (35% of all the trips booked), of which 5% only benefited from a single multi-modal ticket.
Our team with the expertise gained on various projects in this field in the past 10 years, has, over the last 2 years, developed an "Intelligent Transportation System" (ITS) allowing successful resolution of this challenge.
In creating our Intelligent SaaS-based system, we have not only been addressing the near-term MaaS-business challenges, but also accounted for the likely evolution of business models in the next 15 years. Thus, an "Intelligent Transportation System" (ITS) i.e. a Multimodal Transport Global Distribution System (MTGDS) named «SPLOT» was born. Since November 2019, the pilot project was launched to demonstrate the system's viability and success.

Apollo iGDS схема.png


  • Intermodal connectivity, multiple languages, multiple currencies

  • Reduces transport system complexity for travel agents and end users, while creating a single environment for trip search and ticket sales

  • Expands possible trip and connection choices for the end user and / or allows them to develop customized itineraries in the fastest and most efficient


To satisfy our customer requests, being a developer of MaaS solutions for other users, we also offer a wide array of transportation options to the end users: whether it be airplanes, buses, trains or taxis, or any of their combinations.

Our concept lies in the transition from the fragmented and single mode of transport to a harmonized and multimodal ecosystem and a single market, which largely requires new technology to facilitate true personal and collective mobility.

Multimodal passenger transportation delivers a truly a
enjoyable and effective travel experience and allows passengers to develop their itineraries online with ease down to the last mile.

Combination of these new technologies achieves the
genuine mobility much more superior to that
promised by personally-owned vehicles decades ago.

Apollo iGDS Today

  • Currently, 130 bus operators, the Ukrainian Rail Company and 3 large aggregators have connected to MTGDS via APIs.

  • Joint "SmartTicket" Projects are in work: the Ukrainian Rail Roads (sales of combined trips through Rail Roads' ticket sales offices) and MIU (sales of multi-modal trips through MIU's web-site.

Solutions to the most challenging issues have been found:

  • unified database for all modes of transport

  • flexible settings for dynamic connections have been developed and implemented

  • advanced data security, access right management, and dynamic inventory access have been implemented, which is critical to successful shared operation of the system

  • "data enrichment / population" functionality has been developed to allow for connectivity with sophisticated operators.

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